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Logos, Branding and Web Design and more!

The talent and professionalism of a large graphic design firm, but with the flexibility and personal attention of a neighborhood partner; my goal is to help empower my clients to expand and control the ways they connect with their customers and their community.

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SIG Solar Installation Group

Web + Branding + Marketing + Print

SIG is a California based family owned and operated solar company who wanted it all! From a cleaner more modern website, to marketing signs, to printed ads to Christmas cards and more.

Black Water Consulting Engineers Inc.


Black Water Consulting Engineers needed a new simple website created. The main goal was to reach customers new and old through an online presence.


North Western Band of the Shoshone Nation


The NWB of the Shoshone Nation wanted a fresh website for their Tribe members. They needed their members to have access to downloadable forms, upcoming events and important information.

The Vintage Journey

Branding + Print + Web

With a passion for for all things vintage and the color teal, I helped the Vintage Journey (my husband and myself's side hustle) bring together those loves with a timeless and unforgettable logo for our vintage camper restoration business.

Pacific Southwest Regionals

Branding + Web + Print

The committee for the baseball tournament needed an easy to navigate website for the attendees to register, order merchandise and watch game bracket status'. They also needed a logo, banners, brochures, and t-shirts.


Re-Branding + T-shirt Design
+ Signage

South Eastern Utah Energy Producers Association came to me looking for a strong bold logo, large billboard and 4th of July t-shirts for a community celebration that they sponsor every year.

Rock Fitness


A Sleek logo was wanted for this beginning fitness center.

Locks N Lashes Salon


Jen wanted a cute and unique logo for her in-home salon.

For You Photography


I loved the chance to work with Jessica on a modern but playful logo that showed the her personality while also maintaining subtlety.

Envy Elevated


New logo for a new online boutique.

Elevated Dent Repair


Elevated Dent Repair wanted a new logo that was nothing like their competitors, we found ourselves in the Rocky Mountains with the tools front and center in this bold and unique logo.

Uplifting Mayhem Blog


This was a fun logo to produce with a friend who was rebranding her blog. She wanted a logo that was playful, colorful but gentle like a mom of 5 boys would be.



Carbon County Chamber of Commerce held a contest, seeking a new logo that captured the essence and love of the local area. Obviously... I won.

Piper Blue Makeup

Branding + Product Label Design

Piper Blue offers USA made organic makeup. The owner/founder brought me a hand drawing wanting it turned into a logo.

 Mother's Niche Blog


Wanting to bring a clean and modern look to the mommy blog, Mother's Niche desired to have a new logo to give the website it's updated start.

Carbon Caring for Kids


Carbon Caring for Kids is a non-profit , community ran and supported organization that provides free meals to needy kids through-out the community. It all began with a cardboard box, an ambition and a logo. It also caught on with the neighboring county and so I was asked to create a second logo for their county too.

Cal Ripken Tournament


Baseball Tournament street banner to welcome in visiting players and families and Brochures with tournament schedule, brackets and area information guide.

Funeral Program


Tributes and celebrations should be one-of-a-kind, personal and from the heart.

Reach 2 Medical


Stickers and Badges were needed for an Air Medical Transport base

Spectrum Paint Supply Store

Re-Branding + Window Decals

Stickers and Badges were needed for an Air Medical Transport base

Polka Dot and Azure Boutique


Myself and a couple of friends came together to start up a fun side hustle, and then was born Polka Dot and Azure. So naturally I was the creator of our logo, sales stickers, and social media ads.

Double the Batch


Double to Batch wanted to update their logo for their blog. This blended-family of sisters wanted to capture the feeling of 2 families coming together in creativity and love.

Azure Sky Aerials

Branding + Web

Once upon a time there was a man child who flew helicopters and loved to play with drones, so he decided to start his own aerial photography and surveying business. Luckily he was married to  cute graphic designer.

SEUEPA Benefit Banquet


SEUEPA hosts an annual banquet and I was hired to create the mailers, posters, catalog and raffle tickets.

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Delivery Driver Thank You
Sign For Basket

"Never let anyone ever treat you like a YELLOW 
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