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My Name Is Jhon Doe

I’m a top rated web designer and developer in this site you will find selected pieces of my work ranging from illustration and web design to conceptual art and visualization.

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This is Me

I create beautiful and interactive graphic design experiences for awesome people and awesome companies....

Early Years

Born and raised in a small rural farm town. Daughter of an Agricultural University Professor who became a teacher in order to support his love and hobby of farming; and a sports loving hardworking homemaker mother.

As a small child I had a love for imagination, free thinking, art and creating; but mostly for doing things in my own way. I was never your ordinary girl. Instead of playing delicately, you could always find me in the mud, on the ball field, driving a tractor or showing the boys how tough I was.

I discovered my love for design and art early on. I remember observing signs on store fronts and restaurants, memorizing every detail. I remember loving to look at billboards along the freeway, and I loved to doodle popular logos on my school notebooks.

When asked what I wanted to be when I grew up I typically replied with "an artist". Not really knowing what that meant for me until I found Graphic Design.

After High School I attended Utah State University. I worked long hard hours to support my husband emotionally and financially throughout his flight training. I also attended BYU-Idaho. While doing this I was fortunate enough to have received formal training and shadowing from some amazing professional entrepreneurs over the years, that has helped me become the successful freelancer that I am today.

My Drive

Now I am the wife of a passionate helicopter pilot and mother to 3 insanely adorable (or adorably insane... depends on the day) minis. They are my everything, and I do everything for them and because of them.

Outside of my family and my faith in God... designing is my passion.


With 10+ years in Graphic Design, I want to enhance your business or personal needs by bringing your personality and ideas together with my creativity.

With my husbands infectious career, we have had the privilege of moving all over some states and across the country and back a few times; but that has never slowed me or my designing down. I love being able to have clients from all over the United States. I love working with family and close friends too.

Thanks to my amazing clients, I have never had or felt the need to advertise myself, because I receive so many referrals. If anything, moving around has given me the opportunities of expansion and growth from being able to experience new communities, cultures and meet new people. I love being able to work with people from all over, some without ever meeting them in person.

I love what I do, and I would love to share my talents with you!

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